Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ground Breaking Ceremony & Playing with Boaz

This morning we did something a little different. We went to a ground breaking ceremony at Dad's work. They are building a new office building for the engineering department, and it's supposed to be ready come the end of the year. So, we headed out there this morning. There was about a ten minute ceremony, and then the six VIPs "broke the ground (including the city mayor). It had been conveniently broken and smoothed a front loader earlier this week. Then a pile of sand was put on the top --- to make the "work" easy on the VIPs. Well, I asked Mom why no one ever comes and takes pictures of me while I'm moving dirt in the garden. Maybe it's because I don't wear dress clothes??

We made it back from that in time to sell something from an ad that we had on Craig's List. The weather was so nice that I decided to go out to mow the lawn. It took me about twenty minutes just to pick up the downed branches all over the place. We've had two days of crazy wind, so the yard was a mess. I made the mistake of passing by the garden, though, so I decided to do just a little weeding. In the end, I got a whole garbage can full of weeds!

I ended up getting about two-thirds of the grass mown, then Sarah came over with Little Boaz. Boy, is he CUTE! We played for about four hours, and that was fun. He is just the cutest little thing. And so bright. And so BOY. :) More later.

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