Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Rummage Sale

St. Pete's had their rummage sale today. It's so big that they actually have it in the old Kroger building. Wow! We got some great stuff. A stack of Reminisce magazines. A bunch of children's books, and cool tins. Canning jars. A cute lamp and lots more!

Elizabeth and I were enjoying seeing the old Kroger building. It's been divided now, so about half of a third of it has been turned into a Save-A-Lot. The other part, where the sale was today, is still painted just like the old Kroger, though. The coolers and shelves are gone, but the painting on the walls is the same old stuff. It was actually one of those old, dark, dingy Kroger stores --- so, the new one is tons better. But, we hadn't been in the old building since we were probably nine years old. Kind on a blast from the past.

On Tuesday, Buddy and Kay came over for lunch. We watched a movie in the afternoon. It was really windy, as we're having all kinds of fronts blowing in and out right now, and the weather had everybody kind of beat. We all just relaxed together. Solved the problems of the world at all that. Hoping to meet up with them again this weekend.

Yesterday, I managed to get a picture of our "bleeding heart" flowers in the garden. I never get photos, since it blooms earlier than most of the other flowers, so this year is the first!! Yay! More later.

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