Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wildlife Right in Our Own Back Yard

You know, it's usually just about impossible to photograph any of the wildlife around our yard. Mostly because of two reasons:
1.) The animals are afraid of any person holding a camera.
2.) The noise from our pretty constant traffic frightens them off if the camera hasn't done so already.

The last twenty-four hours are proving the exception to the rule, however, as we've gotten photos of a bunny rabbit and a Mama Mourning Dove on her nest. The little rabbit was in the front yard, eating grass and not too nervous of the passing cars. I took a few pictures through the door screen, but the bunny even let me open the door and stand there photographing him for a minute!

This evening, Dad went out to bring the wood in for the night and found that the little mourning dove (who nested a while ago on the wood in the shed) had hatched her two eggs! Mom took the camera out, and the dove actually stayed there while Mom took a photo. Dad says that the dove is actually pretty friendly and isn't even scared of him when he goes out there every evening.

So, the wildlife is happy. The chipmunks have been active all day (and night). They live in the walls of out bedroom, so Elizabeth and I can hear them scurrying around in the night. Cute little sweeties. Even if they are making holes in the yard. More later.

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