Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to Cleveland for the Day

There's always something fun going on around here. On Wednesday, we headed up to Cleveland for the day --- for two reasons. The first was to get library cards from a Cleveland library. We had "Clevenet" cards from an affiliated branch, but those don't give you access to the Cleveland Library Online Research tools, so traded them for the real McCoy!

The second reason was to visit a couple more family cemeteries. These have been on the "list" of places to go for some time. We got loads of pictures, though the last cemetery we visited has a definite vandalism issue. Too bad. On the way, we had to pass, literally, in front of the place where Uncle J.D. is buried --- so we stopped to see him again! The cemetery had "reset" the stone since the last time that we'd been there, so Elizabeth and I had Mom take our picture by the marker.

Dad took yesterday off of work to get some yard work done. We are now minus six trees (a pear, three apples and two maples), which is a good thing. They've never done well, and I want to replace them with some of the baby Pin Oaks that I'm "cultivating". Yay! Dad did find another fun thing. There is another Mourning Dove nest in the woodshed! They didn't care to reuse the empty one in there, so now there is another nest on the row of logs farther inside. That makes three nests this year. There are now two eggs in the nest in the Gnome Garden, so it looks like babies are on the way. :) More later.

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