Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Working Outside on the Weekend

Dad took Thursday and Friday off of work, making a nice long weekend. We had some really nice weather, and he had a lot of things to do around the yard, so it worked out great! I don't have pictures of everything yet, but they'll be filtering in throughout the next couple weeks. He cut down the three apple trees, the pear tree and two maples that were in the way back. None of them have done well, and we're going to try to replace them with some Pin Oaks.

I spent Saturday working in my Gnome Garden. This is a "before" picture. Dad was nice enough to put a new layer of mulch down for me, so I got the fun of decorating. We've also moved a couple of plants into the garden, so pics of those to come. All of the bushes seem to be doing really well. The little Box Hedge has just about doubled in size --- and it's supposed to be a "mini" variety. Hmmm.

I had left one "Mama" goose gourd out there with a few eggs. They all looked like they were going to rot, so I figured that they might as well look cute. In the end, they were mostly covered with leaves and subjected to all the weather of the Winter and Spring seasons. Doesn't seem to have hurt them, though. They actually dried! Wow!

The mourning doves have abandoned their nest in the little bird feeder. The mother was just too skittish, I guess. It did allow me to take a real picture of a bird's nest. The good news is that another pair has actually nested in the woodshed. This time, they built their nest on the row of wood farther back, and the Mama is patiently waiting for those eggs to hatch. What a year for doves, huh!?

Elizabeth got her permanent bridge put in on Friday. Boy howdy, it looks exactly like her real teeth. Better even, since they are all straight. Surprised me that they didn't use novocaine to put it in, but it was done in about half an hour. I'll have to get a smiling picture of her to post on here! That's not hard, either --- she is SO photogenic. My cute sis. :) More later.

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