Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding a Bunch of Garage Sales

Boy, did we find a lot of garage sales last week! On Friday, we went up to a big rummage sale and a community garage sale. We found quite a few nice things. Elizabeth got some Agatha Christie books, and we even got another hardback copy of Gone With the Wind. We also got some nice kitchen towels and a couple bags of cards and stationary, but --- the find of the day (in my opinion, that is) was a "rinky dink" piano musical jewelry box. I mean, it's not everyday that you run across something like this.

The piano box is painted with little pictures and icons of the "23 Skidoo" variety and has some '50s-era girls listening to records on the sides. The top of the piano and the keyboard area open to reveal space for little jewels and rings, and that's when the music box plays Around the World. The area underneath the keyboard is a drawer the pulls out to supply even more space. Cool, huh!?

The county fairgrounds (and Lion's Club) hosted "Ohio's Largest Garage Sale" or something along those lines on Saturday, so we all piled into the car for that. Boy, did we make out! We got a really cool lamp that is a ceramic rooster, fabric, 11 more Christie mysteries, some knick-knacks, a hand-painted mini egg made of stone, and more. I found three new statues to add to my French-style, Japanese-made figurine collection. That was really cool, as one of the figures is actually Occupied Japan, and I got all three for only $6.00! Another really cool thing that I got was a triple locket. It's an oval-ball-shaped type of locket that spins around and has three mini lockets on it. Hard to describe. Definitely cool. The picture shows it a little darker than it actually is, as in real life it is very gold.

What made the day really fun, was a little rocking Kangaroo figurine made by Josef Originals. Elizabeth and Mom found it in a $0.10 box, and Elizabeth just fell in love with it. So, we brought it home and the two of them decided to look it up on eBay, as it had a little pouch on the front that was empty. No problem. Several examples popped up, and sure enough, it was supposed to have a baby Joey in there. A shame, too, because no one was selling just the Joey, but if the Joey was with the mother, then the set was worth (supposedly) $100.

Well, that was kind of irritating Mom and me, because chances were really good that the Joey had been in that same box and we'd just missed it. The thought was cinched by the fact that Elizabeth found some scotch tape residue on the front of the Mama Kangaroo. We were sure that Joey had been taped on there and just fallen off anyway. So, we're saying let's go back to the fairgrounds before they close to have a look. Elizabeth says, no --- it might not be there and in that case it would be a waste of gas. We said we would go anyway, even if she stayed home, so the three of us got in the car and made it back in time for the last forty-five minutes of the sale. Mom stopped to look at some fabric, so the two of us went to find that box. We dig around for a minute and, guess what!? There was the little Joey!! Wow! Not only that, but we found an old pair of cowboy boot-shaped salt and pepper shakers from the Roy Rogers Museum in Encino. You can't beat that with a stick, now, can you?

Well, it's already 2:00pm and I've been working on this entry for hours. Enough is enough, so more later.

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