Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little 'Sugarpuss' for Memorial Day

Memorial Day. Dad went out early to do the trim work in the yard. It's been SO hot all weekend that you really don't want to be killing yourself after the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Keultjes came over for dinner last night and stayed a few hours. That was really fun. We got pizza and had pesto. They are always fun, and we don't see them often enough.

This morning, Elizabeth and I each thought we heard a little baby bird in the pin-oak tree outside. The noise went away though, so we figured it was the first day out of the nest for a little bloke. Nope. Wrong. A few hours went by and the noise came back. Apparently, someone dropped off a tiny black and white kitten in the early morning and it was hiding in a bush by the deck. It was so little that its eyes haven't finished changing from blue yet, and it doesn't even know how to eat. It took a couple hours of Elizabeth coaxing it out of the bush while Mom drove around to the neighbors to see if it belonged to anyone. Nope. Finally, Elizabeth got a hold of the kitten, and we taught it how to drink milk out of a saucer. Cutie.

There is a lady down the road who runs a private cat shelter, and she came just now to take the baby puss. I wish that we could have kept her, but our kitties would not have appreciated a little intruder --- no matter how cute she was. Too bad. Even the garden gnome thought she was cute.

Well, I filled in the online application for the State Fair this morning! It's official. Two dolls are going, but I haven't exactly decided which ones, yet. I'm working on a new one, and it's finally getting along. I was really stuck with the feet and legs on this one (thirty-five hours in them alone!!), but it looks like it's been worth the trouble. More later.

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