Friday, June 29, 2012

It is Nelson Eddy's 111th Birthday!

Today is Nelson Eddy's birthday. Nelson Eddy. My favorite singer. He would have been 111 years old, so, Happy Birthday, Mr. Eddy!

Just to be different, here are a bunch of photos of of Mr. Eddy wearing his glasses. Elizabeth and I are always thrilled to find pictures of the stars wearing glasses --- it makes them seem like the normal people that they were.

Some exciting Nelson Eddy news: the 1940 California Census became searchable today, and we were able to find Nelson Eddy living in his house in Los Angeles. This is the first census that shows him as a film star and married to Ann Franklin. His step-son is living with them, they have a maid and his house is worth $50,000. Unfortunately, he is one of two people on the page where they didn't fill out what his salary for the year had been. Too bad. What is amazing, I think, is that it lists him as only being educated through eighth grade. Not bad, considering the nowadays you are basically nothing if you don't have a four year college degree. Look what he did with just eighth grade: He achieved the American Dream!

So, here's celebrating the birthday of my favorite movie star! The world is a nicer place because of his beautiful music. Thank you, Mr. Eddy!

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