Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Appreciating Simple Things Like Telephones and Electricity

Thursday was our birthday, and it's been an interesting birthday weekend. Elizabeth and I wanted to go down to Columbus the next day to see Laura play at the Ohio Theater. With that in mind, we decided to stay home on Thursday and try to stay cool. The temps have been in the high eighties and nineties. So we bought three flavors of ice cream, ordered in a pizza dinner and opened our presents in the air-conditioning.

Friday was another scorcher, so we figured on taking it as cool as possible before going down to Columbus in the evening, then that big storm hit our house at 5:20pm! There was twenty minutes of some of the hardest winds that we've ever had! Trees were bent down sideways and branches were flying all over the place. Rain came with it and was coming down so hard and, literally, sideways that we had water pouring in through the seams of the sliding glass door and the air-conditioning units. Our power went dead and the phone went out.

In the end, our power was out for 36 hours, until Sunday morning at 5:20am. Boy, were we ever thankful for that! Living in the country, no power means no water. That makes life pretty miserable when you can't get a drink, can't wash anything, can't take a shower and can't even use a toilet. The phone didn't come back on until yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, we decided to drive down to Columbus to get some groceries, and the damage was amazing to see. Most of the towns still didn't have power (most of the towns around here still don't have much, if any, today!), and the amount of downed trees is pretty eye-opening. There were two huge trees down on the phone wires about a mile and a half from the house, so that is what must have knocked ours out.

So, we're all really appreciating the simple things in life. Like flipping a switch and a light turns on, and air-conditioning and turning the faucet and the water flows! More later.

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