Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Book Sale and Book Store

The weather was fine yesterday. Clear skies, no chances of storms and the like, so we were able to head down Columbus way to another library book sale. This was the second day down there, and it turned out that they were selling the books by the bag instead of by the piece. Great deal. We got eight bags which came to a grand total of $24.00. Not bad, huh?! They are now all in the TV room upstairs waiting to be cleaned, sorted and shelved.

After finishing up at the library sale, we went on down to a book store farther in the city. It's been about ten years since we went down there, and Mom and Elizabeth are on the hunt for childrens' non-fiction by author Walter Buehr. This store is really crammed with books. A bit too many (I know, how can that be, right?), as there were stacks on the floor in front of all the shelves. The stacks stood three feet tall or more, so you could only see what was on the top half of the units. Still, I was able to find a biography of William Pitt the Younger. This was from 1930 and one that is referenced in a lot of the Abolition-era books that I've got.

The most fun find of the day, though (for me) was not actually a book. In the corner of one of the rooms was a large stack of sheet music, so I spent a while going through that piece by piece and found five nice songs --- two of them, in particular. First, there were two different Bing Crosby covers, and that's great since I've been collecting Bing sheet music for years. Next, there was a Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald song from their first film, Naughty Marietta. Cool!

The real finds, though, were two unexpected songs. One was It's a Woman's World from the film Woman's World. This is a film about Mr. Gifford, the owner of a car manufacturing company (played by Clifton Webb) who is trying to find a man for the job of vice-president of the company. He calls his three best district managers to the HQ in New York (played by Cornell Wilde, Fred MacMurray and Van Heflin) for a weekend of plant tours, meetings and parties. All three men are also accompanied by their wives (played by June Allyson, Lauren Bacall and Arlene Dahl), since it is Mr. Gifford's opinion that you can judge a lot about a man by meeting his wife. Well, it's got a theme song that plays through the credits (sung by one of the famous groups that I can't seem to remember right now) and the two of us have liked it for years. What we didn't know was that it had been put into sheet music. I was so thrilled to find it, that I almost squealed. Hooray!

The other fun piece is a song called Kathy-O from the 1958 film of the same title. Never seen the film and don't know the song, but Dan Duryea starred and is one of the three people featured on the cover. Not bad to get one's favorite non-musical actor on a piece of music. Mom and I had just been wondering the other day if he ever appeared on any songs. Wow! Now I own one. Too cool.

So, it was a great day. Pretty hot outside, but hey! nothing can stop book buying. Today is a real scorcher. We went to church this morning and then ate lunch with the Clarks. That was fun. Now we're relaxing. The State Fair opens this week, so we might go down to that one day. Depends on how we feel about it and on the weather. Best to play things by ear around here. More later.

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