Thursday, July 26, 2012

State Fair Results and Another Bookstore

The State Fair opened yesterday, and the weather was quite decent. Being such good conditions, we decided to go down and see the entries and the results of the judging. Being the first day, if you entered the fairgrounds before 3:00pm the ticket price was only $3.00. Not a bad day to decide to go, I guess! There was an absolutely huge harvester outside the Creative Arts building, so Mom took our picture in front of it for scale.

The Carmen Miranda doll got 1st place in needle felting and Best of Show for felting! That made me very happy. She's the best doll that I've ever made. :) The Indian Brave got second place, so he's very happy, too. We get to pick them up the day after the fair closes, which is a week and a half from now, I think.

We looked at all of the other Creative Arts entries in the building. The amount of them seemed lower than last year, but there were several very cool items that I just loved. First, cupcakes displayed in corn-on-the-cob plates. They were frosted in yellow with yellow and white jelly beans covering the tops in rows. This gave the impression that they were an ear of corn. The picture was completed by sticking the little corn holders into the cupcakes at the edge. Wow! That is one of the cutest ideas that I've ever seen. Got to copy that one some time.

The other stand-out to me was a large, hand-pieced quilt. Every square was a different tree branch loaded with fruit. There were oranges, limes, pears, bananas and even a pineapple! Definitely cool!

We finished up at the fair by about 11:45am, so we continued way out to Springfield (that's a bit of a trek) to a store called Bookhaven. Before entering that marvelous place, we stopped at Pizza Hut. Can't look through books while you're hungry, can you?! The bookstore is owned by the same person as the one that we visited in Columbus last weekend, though this is her main store. Wow! We all voted it the nicest used bookstore that we've ever been to. We spent hours in there, and were able to find some nice things.

We went down the highway a couple exits and looked at some more books at a very over-priced antique mall, but we were all pretty tired. The trip home took a while, but it had been a pretty fun day! More later.

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