Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Reply from David Suchet (with Poirot Business Cards)

I don't usually like to post twice in the same day, but this is worth it. The mail just got here, and we got a reply that we weren't expecting.

A couple of years ago, we wrote to David Suchet (he plays Hercule Poirot in the TV shows) and got his autograph. He was very fast to reply, and a few months later he helped us out by signing a special picture that went along with the Poirot doll that we made for Mom. (The story of that is posted on this blog.) Yet again, a few months after that, we wrote to him again and sent pictures of the doll to say "thank you" for all of his help. He responded with a nice card, and we were pretty thrilled.

Some time last month, we sent him two more notes telling him how much we absolutely loved his audio books, particularly Murder on the Orient Express. (If you haven't heard it, then I can't say enough about it. No one should ever --- and I mean ever --- have played Mrs. Hubbard other than him. His voice for that was great! Hardman, too, particularly on the gum chewing.) This wasn't a request for autographs or anything. It was just a chance to tell him how much we enjoyed something that he had obviously put a LOT of time into. Well, the mailman just brought a little envelope that was a reply. He sent us two really nice autographed photos, which are just fabulous! What really takes the cake, though, is that he sent two little business cards with Hercule Poirot's name and address on them. How cute!!

So, now you know what was so worth making a second post today. More later.

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