Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some More Fan Mail Replies (from a Disney Princess)

Yesterday, we received our first fan mail replies that have come in ages! They were extremely fast in responding, too. The first was from Mary Costa, the voice of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. We were really excited to get these. Elizabeth found pictures of her posed in front of the Disney story boards for the film, so we sent those. They came back beautifully autographed, along with two more pictures (one for each of us) and a little photo of Mary Costa singing in La Traviata in 1970. That last is for Elizabeth, who loves Mary Costa singing opera. It will find a nice home in E's opera scrapbook. Isn't her handwriting just beautiful? It really looks "princess-ly"!

The second envelope was from 1950s actress, Jane Powell. We had sent to her about two years ago and received autographs, but this time we sent pictures from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Elizabeth also wanted a couple pictures for some friends of hers that are crazy about Jane Powell.

It was really fun to come home to a mailbox full of fan mail responses. We've got several more that we're packing up to mail soon, so maybe there will be some more coming! My scrapbook is getting quite full. Fun! More later.

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