Monday, August 6, 2012

Carmen Miranda is Back from the Fair!

Today was the day. The State Fair ended last night, so we were allowed to pick up the entries today (or tomorrow, if we’d wanted to)! Yahoo. I’ve really been missing Carmen Miranda, since she had only been finished one day before I had to part with her. It was worth it though, after all — look at that beautiful purple prize that she came home with. :)

The weather is very warm today, but very beautiful. Blue sky with just some little fluffy couds strewn about. We don’t have that kind of weather very often. In fact, there were such bad storms here all morning yesterday that we actually couldn’t go to church. They cleared up by about 1:30pm though. I spent a while working on fun stuff in Photoshop.

It’s been a year or so since I had a chance to really do something other than cropping, adjusting levels and saving pictures. Not bad, but a bit dull. That banner for Tony Martin started the urge. I got to use some fun tools and effects, so that really gave me a fun couple of hours. I’ve been working on cleaning some Dan Duryea photos up for my scrapbook. We can’t really print photos these days. It’s just too hot and humid, so the ink separates and spreads. No problem, it gives me time to fix a bunch up and then I’ll have a lot to work on all Winter. More later.

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