Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working on Putting Up New Webpages

It is miserably hot today. This has to be one of the worst days of the whole year. Mom went to a garage sale this morning, and Dad cleaned the chimney. Elizabeth and I voted to stay home and work on assorted projects that are just piling up. For me, that meant working on some webpages for our website, We haven't been good about working on that one for a long time now, so it's definitely overdue.

We've been working a bit over the last week, and I was finally able to get three new pages on and one existing page updated. I'm working on the "SE Entertainment" section, which is about enjoying films from the classic era of the 1930s through the 1950s. We've been wanting to spotlight a few favorite actors, so the first two (which are what I finally put up today) are Dan Duryea and Teresa Wright. Yay!

Mom and I have spent all week working on selling some stuff on eBay. Sales are pretty low, though, so we're sending a lot of it out to assorted thrift stores and the like. We also went to another book sale. Elizabeth is really thrilled, because we were able to get eighteen Ruth Fielding books for fifty cents a piece.

Day after tomorrow, we get to pick up my dolls from the State Fair! I can't wait. No other news than all that, really. More later.

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