Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding Bing and Nelson at a Book Sale

We went to a book sale today way up in Alliance. That is a pretty good trek from our house, but we're always game for a book sale. Everybody got a few things that really made them happy --- mine were two books and two records. It's not usual to come home with something to do with Bing Crosby or Nelson Eddy from a book sale. This time, I got something of both of them!

The coolest thing is a novel based on the RKO film The Bells of St. Mary's, starring Der Bingle and Ingrid Bergman. This is neat, because it's got movie tie-in pictures throughout the book and a really beautiful dust jacket with lovely art work. We also found a record of the High Society soundtrack (one of our favorites!) which features Bing, "Frankie Boy" (aka: Sinatra) and Grace Kelly. Not bad, considering that this is one of our favorite records and we only had one. :) The other record features songs from the operettas New Moon and Rose Marie. These are performed by Nelson Eddy, Dorothy Kirsten and Eleanor Steber. I've seen this record online but never been able to find one. Hooray! All in all, not bad.

The other book that I'm really happy about is Amazing Grace: The Life of John Newton by John Pollock. This makes a nice addition to my Abolition of the Slave-Trade collection. We were also able to pick up a bunch of childrens' books, which is the area of our library that we're really working on these days.

Well, everybody is pretty beat. I've been spending some more time making web pages and updating things on our site. I even got the Buddy Davis Fan Club pages back up, so check those out --- if you care to! ;) More later.

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