Friday, August 17, 2012

Selling on eBay (or you might call it 'listing'!)

A week has gone by, and we've been pretty busy listing books on eBay. We're trying really hard to get the house and shelves cleaned off to make room for books that we really want. Today is rather depressing, though, because a ton of our auctions are going off --- unsold. I've just spent the last several hours taking pictures and cropping them for more auctions, but it seems like the day is dragging by.

Beatrice has been my little friend and helper, but I caught her resting on the job (see first picture). Isn't she cute?! She just squeaks at me every now and then and follows me around. I sure love her a lot! Max is trying to be a love bug. He finds this eBay stuff way too exhausting, so he finally gave up and went to bed (see second picture).

I mowed the lawn on Wednesday evening. Spent the whole time dodging crickets and grasshoppers --- not to mention a bunny rabbit. It sure looks like Fall is about here. The golden rod is even starting to bloom along the roadsides that haven't been mown recently.

Buddy and Kay came over yesterday for the afternoon and evening. As always, we had a great time. We haven't gotten to see each other (due to their very busy Summer --- Buddy is one busy singer this year!) in ages, so we had lots of catching up to do. We solved the problems of the world and even managed to squeeze in an Audie Murphy show and a movie. Guess which one?! The King's Thief. Hot off the presses, too, as Elizabeth got the DVD made a few hours before the arrived!

Don't know what's happening around here this weekend. The truck and the good car got "check engine" lights this week, so I think that'll keep us around here a bit. More later.

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