Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Computer Got a Death Certificate

It happened. On Sunday afternoon, my computer jammed up. We actually had to shut the power strip off in order to turn it off, then when we tried to power it back up. Nothing. The CPU just let out a long beep, then a short pause, then another loud beep.

We took it into the computer repair guy yesterday, and hoped for the best. Elizabeth and I had our teeth cleaned this morning, and it just so happened that we met up with the computer man at the dentist. (That's the nice part of living in a small town!)

The news was anything but good. The motherboard is kaput. That means that we've spent an hour or two here discussing the options and have finally decided on a newer model of, basically, the same thing. It should be ready tomorrow afternoon, so I think that I'll be spending a few days re-installing programs, setting things up and getting into the swing of Windows 7. More later.

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