Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, what is my favorite Western film?

This post is in answer to the little poll that is in the right-hand column here. I notice that there are three votes. Elizabeth can't remember if she voted or not (not fair, since she knows the answer), but that means that at least two others must have voted. Yay! Sometimes I wonder if anyone but my Dad and sister read this blog. Guess they do!

My all-time favorite Western is Ride Clear of Diablo, starring Audie Murphy and Dan Duryea. Sure. I know there are some other people billed, too --- but who cares about them?! If Dan D. and Audie are on the screen, then that's the scene for me. They are just fabulous.

Audie Murphy's father and brother are killed by cattle rustlers at the beginning of the film. He comes back to his home town to seek out the killer. What better way to do that than become a deputy? So, he talks the sheriff into giving him a badge (not realizing that the sheriff is crooked). That sheriff wants to do away with Audie, so he sends him out to capture a notorious gunman named Whitey Kinkade. Enter Dan Duryea.

Of course, Audie has a faster draw than anybody --- even a notorious gunman. He captures Whitey and takes him back to town for a trial. The sheriff arranges for Whitey to be acquitted, but in the meantime, Whitey and Audie have become friends. The rest of the movie is spent with Whitey helping Audie track the killer of his family. Some real excitement and a lot of laughs are in store along the way.

I definitely recommend this one and won't spill anymore of the plot. It's fabulous, and Dan Duryea should have gotten an award. His laugh is just great! And crazy. More later.

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