Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dad's Back from Florida!

Dad came home from Miami yesterday afternoon. We were down at Columbus airport to pick him up and then took him to Chipotle for lunch.

He was down to visit his parents for ten days. They all sound like they had a pretty good time --- got in a lot of visiting to relatives and friends. Dad brought a box full of cheese pastelitos (Cuban pastries) for us, and there is nothing better than that! Isn't that beautiful?!

It's been really hot here all week. Hurricane Isaac has been coming through, so it's been quite rainy and gray. Our corner has been turned into a 4-way stop (supposedly temporary for sixty days) on the request of two neighbors. This means that for the last two weeks we've had cars screeching to a halt in front of the house, cars hitting their accelerators to go from 0 to 60 in two seconds flat, a crazy neighbor who spent all Sunday afternoon shouting at every car that didn't stop, stopped poorly, or that he just didn't like . . . I am feeling VERY grumpy today. They've installed a flashing light on top of the stop sign in our front yard, and on top of that there seems to be some kind of whistle that lets out a blast every time a car drives through the intersection. What goes, people?!

Well, we're off to a big book sale again this week. Elizabeth and I are gearing up for that. We've got the third season of the TV show Wagon Train from the library and have been trying to work through some of those in the evening. They definitely aren't the quality of the first two seasons, but a couple shows have been really great. Particularly the one that guest starred Andy Devine and Glenda Farrell --- that was a FUNNY show! More later.

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