Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cranking Up the Wood Heat

When it gets cold around here it really happens in a hurry. Everything is pointing to an early (and cold) Winter. We've had some pretty days, but the weather has been nippy enough to need the wood stove on in the house. It was only fifty two degrees in the house yesterday morning, so you guessed it! We put a fire on --- and how!

I took a picture of the fire while I was starting it, because it really kept that perfect little "Boy Scout" shape. There is nothing like heat from a wood stove. Makes me want to curl up and read somewhere or something.

Mom and Elizabeth are finally starting to beat their colds. Some awful things! We went to the library a couple of days ago and got DVDs of the fourth season of Wagon Train and the first season of Green Acres. We're really enjoying all of them. Green Acres is hilarious!! Samwise's birthday is coming up, so I need to get a new picture of him to post here. Look for that in a few days! More later.

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