Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canning, Colds and the Wood Stove

This has been a pretty busy week (hence no blog posts) around here. It started out with the making and canning of salsa. Elizabeth and I spent Monday afternoon making two large stock-pots of salsa. Then it happened. Poor Elizabeth got sick on Monday night. It's a pretty awful cold, too. Mom and I spent the next two days making more salsa and canning it. We ended up with 65 pints of salsa! We also got 24 pints of chopped tomatoes canned up for use in soups and various cooking. Yay!

The sad news is that Mom got sick, too. :( That means that she and Elizabeth have been down all week. Dad took Friday afternoon off and the two of us went out and did grocery shopping and the like. It was a nice (though tiring!) time. We even brought some pizza home for dinner! We had plans to go down to Cinci for the weekend, but those had to be canceled. Hopefully, that will work out soon.

The hot weather departed as suddenly as it arrived in March. It is now in the 30'Fs at night, and last night was the first time that we had to light a fire in the wood stove! Winter is approaching, but Fall has barely arrived. :) I'm really feeling in the hibernating mood. Bring on the felting! More later.

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