Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Fun and My 'New' Red Jacket

We went to a couple of book sales over the weekend, and I found a couple fun things! First off is a copy of the picture book Puff the Magic Dragon. This was put out about five years ago, and I've been wishing for one for ages. We've had it in our Amazon cart for years, but it never seemed to fit into an order (or we forgot about it). Well, we found one on Saturday --- and was I thrilled?!

The other book that I'm really happy about is one that we had never heard of before. It is called The Sinatra Treasures. It is a large coffee-table size book that has quotes by Frankie-Boy and his kids. They are put in chronological order and accompanied by tons of photographs. Interspersed throughout the book are large glassine envelopes that have been "tipped" into the binding. They hold reproductions of all kinds of paper articles from the Sinatra archives. We were pretty thrilled to find this. It even has a reproduction of a telegram from Grace Kelly. Somehow, I think that will end up in Elizabeth's scrapbook! :)

There was one thing that really made the weekend fabulous --- but it is not a book. On the way home, we stopped at this really cool thrift store. Actually, it was an ordinary thrift store, but the building was shaped (and even might have been) an old barn. Complete with silo! And you'll never believe was we found.

About six years ago (or more) I got this red fleece jacket. Just kind of an ordinary-looking hooded, zip-up-the-front jacket. To me, that was the best jacket in the world! I wore it everywhere for years. There were only about three months out of the year that I didn't wear it, but the sad day came when Mom and Elizabeth refused to go out with (what they termed) that ratty old jacket. I was sad for months. We've spent hours looking for a "replacement," and I've had several. None could even hold a candle to that red jacket made by some company called "Catalina."

Happinesses! (Plural because I had little "hearts" coming out of me like in a cartoon, I'm sure!) Mom found the exact jacket at the thrift store. It doesn't even look like it's been worn. Wow! I mean --- wow! The picture doesn't do it justice, but if you see me anytime over the coming months you'll get to see the jacket. :) More later.

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