Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Some Ordinary Happenings

Fall is just around the corner. It's been a long, hot Summer, and I'm looking forward to a period of hibernation. We're really trying to sort through stuff and clean out before Winter sets in. There are books all over the place, but we're finally getting rid of things!

Mom and I went to the produce auction yesterday. This was the first time that we've been this year. We're ready to can some salsa (if it's possible with only two little burners!), so we bought a lot of tomatoes, some garlic and peppers. We're also hoping to end up with enough to can some plain tomatoes and some spaghetti sauce!

Dad came home from Florida with a cold, so he was down with that all weekend. It was dark and rainy, though, so that worked out. Elizabeth has been making a video montage tribute to Dan Duryea. This was pretty much at my request and has taken her quite some time. The result is going to be fabulous --- and it's almost done. It's going to end up being about seventeen minutes long. We've had a lot of fun going through films and shows to pick out clips.

We found three very fun things on eBay last week, and they all arrived. The first was a piece of sheet music for the song "Beloved" from The Student Prince. Elizabeth has wanted that for years now, so she's thrilled! We also got a little "Old Maid" card game. We have a very dilapidated set of these cards that we practically wore out when we were little, and it's one of those things that I've always wanted to replace and never have. Just take a look at the illustrations.

The other thing that I got is quite cool. It's an issue of the magazine from the Dan Duryea Fan Club in 1955. Twenty-three pages of typed articles, letters, notes and the like. It even discusses Ride Clear of Diablo --- my favorite. Pretty cool!

I'm looking forward to typing the pages up and posting them on my Dan Duryea Blog. Let's see . . . nothing else is new that I can think of. More later.

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