Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Dinner Arrives via UPS

How many people get their Christmas dinner delivered via UPS? Well, our Grampa sends it to us that way every year. Today was the big day, and the box arrived at the front door this morning. Perfect timing, too, as the Keultjeses are coming over on Sunday!

Every year, Grampa mails a box full of all the Cuban "fixin's" for a really grand dinner. Plantains, yuca, garlic, guava paste . . . We've got the black beans and rice here, so everything is ready to be cooked. Just take a look at that delicious box of food!

It just isn't feeling like Christmas around here, and I can't believe how close it is. We felt really "Christmas-y" for several weeks there while we wrapped, packed and shipped presents to out-of-town family and friends. While we got all of our Christmas cards ready and while we packed up the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. Now that all that fun is finished, though, it's just not feeling very festive. You don't get Christmas cards in the mail like you used to. People are just "too busy". People don't even exchange gifts or have parties or dinners together, anymore. And we don't have any snow. It's sitting in the 40s around here with rain and mud.

We've got some fun lined up for a few days, though, what with our Christmas dinner on Sunday, special church service on Monday and a nice laid-back Christmas on Tuesday. We're planning on staying home all day. Have a nice slow breakfast and have fun exchanging presents with each other. Elizabeth and I have some wrapping to do. Oh boy!

The two of us spent all afternoon (and evening) on Saturday working on a present for a friend. We were sitting on the floor from about two o'clock in the afternoon until eleven o'clock at night! Mom and Dad had already gone to bed, and we were sure stiff for a while after that. It was pretty fun, though.

We're really working on ideas for the Etsy store. Haven't listed anything else in it yet, but we've got some more things ready and even more in the makings. Come on January! We're hoping to spend the winter making and listing . . . and, Lord willing, selling! :) More later.

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  1. *licks lips* a real Cuban Christmas! What a terribly fun tradition. It looks delicious. :D What do you do with guava paste? Or yucca?

    I got a card from Elizabeth today, and how fun was that?! Love it!