Saturday, December 22, 2012

Concerning Little Beatrice . . .

Today marks the anniversary of the day that we brought my little cat Beatrice home from the shelter. She was seven and a half months old when we got her, and she had lived at the shelter for six months. All of her siblings and her Mama had been adopted, but no one wanted "Little Bee" --- because she was black.

Elizabeth's cat, Deanna, had died that morning, so we were out to get another baby. Well, Beatrice came right over to me and started "frenzy-ing" all over. I picked her up and she just climbed into the hood of my coat and fell asleep. How can you resist that?! We had to bring her home with us.

She took a couple of days to adjust to her new house. She wasn't used to having any space to play in, so she spent three days just sitting in and next to her little cat bed. That didn't last long. She figured that she was the only girl cat (at that time), so she might as well take advantage of the situation. She laid down the law and has been Queen of the House ever since. She's the smallest cat in the place --- weighing in at 7-1/2 pounds.

She still frenzies all over the place, and her favorite play is running. She has a sensitive stomach and kitty "asthma" (there's a fancy name for it), but she's actually pretty healthy. She loves music --- particularly Country Western. Her all-time favorite is Brenda Lee, and her favorite song is Cryin' Time. Funny kitty. She liked Johnny Cash when we played a record of his, but I'm afraid that I had to draw the line there. Another type of music that appeals to her is traditional Jewish chanting and songs. I wonder what makes a little kitty like her love music?

The picture above shows Beatrice when she was a kitten in the shelter. The picture on the right was taken this Summer. Isn't she precious?! It's hard to get a picture of her, because she is so black that the camera can't focus on her --- never mind the fact that she won't sit still, because she thinks you are just dying to pet her!

Christmas is pretty much here, and we're almost ready! Lots of pictures and blogging to come. More later.

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  1. Oh, she is beautiful! She looks like a 'Beatrice", too. :D What a great name.

    A cat.......who has musical taste? That is hilarious! :D There are a few Johnny Cash numbers that I like. I should dig them up and see what Beatrice thinks of them. ;)