Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Start the New Year . . . Sick?

Yep. Not the fun way to "start the New Year right", as the song goes, but that's what's happened around here. Mom came down with this awful flu on the day after Christmas. A few days later, Elizabeth got it and a few days after that --- I got it. People are sure creating an awful epidemic with these flu shots, pneumonia shots and everything. We've never had a cold or flu this bad. Hence the lack of blogging this month.

All three of us are finally on the mend, but it's pretty awful. We're sticking close to home and trying to take it a bit slower than usual. We had some beautiful snow for the first week of January, but temps rose into the fifties last week. Now we have a lot of mud. We're cooling off again, but no more snow on the horizon.

I did manage to finish the little felted guitar player that I've been working on. His guitar is in the works, so pics will be coming as soon as that's ready. Elizabeth and I are working hard on some small dolls for our Etsy shop, so that's been occupying our minds lately.

Buddy and Kay came over yesterday and we got to exchange Christmas presents. We also watched the Tyrone Power move, The Mark of Zorro. Buddy LOVES Zorro!

It's quite lonely around here without Manly and Olivia. The house is quiet, even though we have eight kitties around here. Manly and his Mama were quite interactive, so they were like having little friends. We're all still pretty lonely.

Well, this catches things up a bit, so I'll have to get some pictures up soon.
More later.

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