Sunday, January 20, 2013

'Extreme Make Over' for the Etsy Shop

Etsy, Etsy and more Etsy. That's the hot topic around here these days, and we've spent most of the last week working things out. We've decided on shipping supplies, packaging "looks", various item possibilities etc. We're just about there.

After a lot of conversation and discarded ideas, we decided to rename the store and design a new banner. Instead of The Fogleberry Shoppe --- it's Peppermint Toes. You can still buy some of my felted Fogleberries in the shop, but we're planning other items as well. Click on the shop name above or on the new shop banner below to visit us on Etsy. Be sure to check out the "About" page, too, since we've redesigned that as well.

Elizabeth and I spent hours yesterday working on Minikins for the shop (if you don't know what they are --- just go read the "About" page!). In fact, she's hard at work on them right now. Just as I should be. Instead, I'm blogging --- oh well! Tomorrow is going to be spent photographing and listing in the store.

Nothing else to report, as Etsy has really been occupying our time these days. More later.

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  1. *Squeals* I haven't even visited your shop yet to see the new makeover, but I LOVE your banner! How perfectly adorable! You've got a wonderful eye for graphics. :D Now I shall go look at the new excited for you!