Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hercule Poirot as a Miniature Doll for 'Etsy'

A couple of years ago I needle felted a Hercule Poirot doll as a gift for Mom (see blog entry here). Elizabeth and I had a lot of fun making him, since the Poirot TV shows with David Suchet are family favorites. Apparently, a lot of other people like Agatha Christie's little Belgian Detective, too, as I've gotten a lot of e-mails and comments on this doll over the years.

I haven't ventured to make another needle felted doll of him, but Elizabeth and I spent a while coming up with patterns to make a miniature version --- standing just 4 inches tall. Getting into the swing for Etsy, we've been working on making all different characters of these miniature dolls, but Poirot has certainly been the most fun. The dolls (which we've decided to call "Minikins") are made with a wire armature that's wrapped in cotton floss. The clothes are made of Wool/Rayon felt (all from patterns that we've designed ourselves) and the heads --- including the infamous mustache --- are needle-felted.

We've decided to make the Poirot doll in several of his outfits (as seen in the TV shows). Four are completed with another two to come. Today marks their debut on Etsy, so we're very excited! We're thinking about making Captain Hastings, Miss Lemon, Inspector Japp and Mrs. Oliver, too --- but that's for the future.

If you'd like to check out the dolls on Etsy, just CLICK HERE to see our shop.

(Edit @ 7:30PM: How exciting! All of the little Poirot dolls sold in the first two hours, so be sure to look in the "Sold" items in the Etsy shop. We'll be making some more and listing them as soon as possible, as well as accepting custom orders. Feel free to contact us through the shop if you are interested in your own mini Poirot.)

We're really hoping to be able to make a bunch more of these little dolls. Poirot is just such a perfect subject. I'm way behind on my blogging as all of our time these days is spent working on making dolls for the shop. It's just too much fun!
More later.

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  1. How exciting! They all sold so quick! :D They are very cute. I hope all your shop items do this well!