Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow, Top O' the Morning and Pancakes

The week has passed, and it is high time for another blog entry. We've been having snow this week --- culminating in some white-out yesterday. It had been so warm for the first part of the week, though, that it hasn't been sticking to the ground until yesterday afternoon. We're white out there this morning and the roads are pretty bad. Granular stuff is falling, but the sun is trying to pop through.

Buddy and Kay were up again on Wednesday for the afternoon. We had a great time. This time, we watched Drums Along the Mohawk and Top O' the Morning. The latter is one of our favorite films, and it was fun to share it with friends. Bing Crosby stars with Anne Blyth and Barry Fitzgerald. The plot? Someone has stolen the Blarney Stone, and it's up to Bing and Barry to catch the culprit. Good Irish music is spread throughout --- of course, Bing is fabulous.

Yesterday, being Saturday, we had a pancake breakfast. For years, we have bought Maple Syrup from various local Amish farms. As the years have rolled by, Elizabeth and I have "gone off" Maple Syrup. Mostly, because it looks like a pale sugar syrup and tastes sweet and weak. Ten years ago (or more!), we tasted Dark Maple Syrup at a Maple Syrup Days event. Wow! Ever since, I've been wishing for some. The Amish won't sell it, though, because they keep it themselves. All this to say that we had to buy some new Maple Syrup about a month ago. Mom and I found some from a local syrup farm (non-Amish) that has quite a name around here. We even got dark syrup! After tasting this stuff --- Elizabeth and I are hooked. This stuff tastes like maple. Not just weak sugar syrup. Now, we're on a pancake craze, so Dad is making them every weekend these days. Yippee!

We've been working away on felt dolls. Not too many of them made it to Etsy this week, as we had a special order for characters from the Poirot TV show. Elizabeth and I put the finishing touches on them yesterday afternoon (see previous entry for pictures), so Poirot has all of his friends. We're taking a break from the Christie world for the next few days. Elizabeth has almost finished a little Minikin of John Wayne in True Grit. Next up: Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man. More later.

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