Monday, February 18, 2013

Packing and Shipping (with Oliver's Help!)

The Bunny (aka: "Oliver") is the sweetest kitty-cat in the world. But sometimes he can be a bit of a pest. On other occasions, he might be a little mischievous --- but completely irresistible. Well, that's what he was doing while I was packing up the latest order of Minikins.

Oliver doesn't care about Minikins at all (good thing, too!), but he loves packing material. We have to keep all of the good packing put up and away from kitties. Oliver is always good at sniffing out stray pieces, though. I pulled out all kinds of tissue and packing to work on the little box, and Oliver took full advantage of the extra tissue in an old Christmas bag to settle in for a short cat nap. Guess that's the end of that paper! :) Isn't he just too cute?!

While The Bunny was thus occupied, it gave me the opportunity to do the packing by myself. Minikins ship in natural-brown-colored paper mache boxes filled with tissue and/or cute paper packing crinkles (I wonder what the "official" name for that is?). Next in? Minikins! All of Poirot's little friends are set in one-by-one and nestled into the paper.

Cover them with some nice white tissue to keep them from shifting during transport, then add a little kraft bag (decorated with a paw print sticker) with a note and card. Usually, this would be a shop business card, but since this was a special order --- Elizabeth drew a special card to match the Poirot theme. Wow!


Put the lid on the box and wrap a "Peppermint Toes" store band around it, and it's ready to go! We have smaller boxes for single dolls, so depending on how many dolls are in an order --- you get a slightly different box. :)

So, I was able to get my packing done and Oliver got in a little cat nap. We were all excited about getting these little dolls in the mail --- only to find that it Presidents' Day today. Oops. Oh well, more later!

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