Sunday, February 24, 2013

Catching Up on Custom Orders, etc.

Time is flying around here and the month is almost over. What happened?! We've had several cold spells and more snow than we've had over the last couple years. Still no real snow fall that stays for a while --- like it should. Did manage to take a couple of pictures showing some of the "deepest" snow.

At the moment, our schedule pretty much revolves around Etsy work. Dad has opened his own shop selling fly fishing flies and supplies. It's called "Nacho's Flies". Even Mom has her own store ("Cobnut Cottage") for vintage sewing and craft supplies.

Elizabeth and I have been busy sewing and felting --- trying to fill the shop up. What's really thrilling is that we sold another Poirot doll and have over ten custom orders for various detectives. We are pretty hard at work these days. I am also working on an order for two larger needle-felted Poirot dolls. Making the Minikin dolls is fun, but I just love making the larger Fogleberry dolls. It's so relaxing. Since I am working on two Poirots, I am making them simultaneously. This should save some time and, most importantly, keep both of them matching in size and general appearance. The suits are different colors, so that lends a little variety to the project. This is the first time that I've made a felted doll "to order" --- which is something that I vowed never to do! I actually find that I am enjoying it quite a lot, and it is spurring me on to finish them faster than I would under normal circumstances! Pictures will come as soon as they're done. :)

I've tried to squeeze a little time in to work on the Eliot Family research. I've gotten to the point where things need to be printed and organized in a file drawer. That's on my agenda for this afternoon . . . maybe. More later.

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