Thursday, February 28, 2013

White Cake Marshmallow Surprises & PDFs

The week has gone by rather uneventfully here. Elizabeth and I are working away at sewing and felting. We've all felt like we're fighting off a bit of a cold, though no one has actually gotten sick. Everybody is just feeling pretty slow and a bit tired.

Dad's birthday is tomorrow, so I spent the morning making cupcakes for him to share with his friends at work. White Cake Marshmallow Surprises with Chocolate Frosting. In other words, white cupcakes with a whole hollowed in the center (while warm). Shove a large marshmallow into the whole and the heat of the cupcake melts it into a creamy surprise. Cover the top of the marshmallow with chocolate frosting, and you get some cute results. I've never made these before --- so, I hope they turned out! :)

My White Cake Marshmallow Surprises with Chocolate Frosting!

Mom and I spent the afternoon doing some double-sided printing. I'm not a fan of reading on the computer, and I've found quite a few PDFs on Google Books over the last couple years while researching the Eliot Family in Cornwall. Well, Mom finally convinced me to print some things out on paper. So smart. Some of this is for back-up purposes (in case my computer should fail one day). Some of this is for reading purposes. I found a two-volume book on the history of the old Cathedral of Cornwall (originally on the site of the present Parish Church at St. Germans) and the present church. The Eliots were quite involved with restoration and preservation in the 18th Century, so this book looked like a really interesting read. The unfortunate side to this was that the book was only published in 1804. Not the type of thing you order in from the local library!

The only way to buy the book is from one of those "print on demand" publishers --- who don't make anything of quality. So, Mom and I decided to print the PDF scans available on Google. Time consuming, but cheaper in the long run, and we get to control the type of paper and ink. We got quite a good amount done this afternoon, so we're planning on working on that over the next few days.

Other than this . . . not much to report. A Cabela's is coming into Columbus. This is the first one in the state, so Dad is pretty excited. Grand opening is March 7-10, so he's "chomping at the bit" as the saying goes. More later.

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