Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Concerning Our Normal 'Goings-On', etc.

Life is just going on quite normally around here. We had a fabulous Easter. Went to church in the morning and went to Keultjeses in the afternoon. Had so much fun gabbing and catching up that we weren't home until after 10:00pm!

Unfortunately, it seems that we picked up a cold on Sunday. In fact, the few times that we've been to church in the last couple of months --- we pick up a bug (hence the reason we've only been a few times). This time, though, it was a pretty bad one. Dad got it first with an awful stomach flu, which ended up lasting three days, instead of the typical 24 hours. Mom got it next, but her cold has been the sore throat and head cold type. Elizabeth has had it really bad --- both kinds. Thankfully, I got away with just a touch of the stomach bug.

This has kind of put everything at a bit of a standstill. Haven't gotten much sewing or felting done, but today looks like the first time that we'll get into full swing again!

I've had some Eliot Family wills to go through over the past week or so, and that's been fun. Dad went to his first Fly-Fishing Club meeting this week, which means that Spring must be just around the corner. We're having warmer weather this week, so it looks like all the possibilities of snow are over. Dad spent Saturday working in the yard (better man than me, Gunga Din --- it was cold out there!), and he has gotten things ready for me to "beautify" the kitty cemetery. Elizabeth and I are going to make a little garden out of it, as that will keep it from being weedy like it always is --- and make it easier to mow around.

That is about all of the fun news that I can think of. Not even a picture to go with anything. Let's hope that I'll have something fun to report in the next few days. :) More later.

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