Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Kittens!

It hardly seems true, but Max, Avis and Iveta are seven years old today. Wow! It seems like just yesterday when their Mommy was in the dining room in that little box giving birth. She had seven kittens on the night --- seven years ago. One was stillborn, but the other six came out full of energy. They were all short-haired kittens, but totally different coloring. Let's see:

Manly -- Orange Striped
Max -- Black & White Tuxedo
Cadfael -- Dove Grey Striped
Aline -- Tortie-Tabby
Avis -- Tortoise-Shell
Iveta -- Solid Black

We had only rescued the Mama Cat, Olivia, a month before. She wasn't healthy and her kittens weren't very healthy, either --- not to mention being rather inbred. You couldn't ask for sweeter, better pets, though. Cadfael lived five months, but he had an enlarged heart. Aline lived three-and-a-half years, and just four months ago, we lost Manly. :( The picture on the left shows the six babies when they were just opening their eyes. Have you ever seen cuter bundles of fluff? Well, alright, so Samwise was probably the cutest kitten ever born. But his birthday is at the end of September, so you'll have to wait to see his picture until then!

Max and Avis and Iveta don't seem to realize what a special day it is. In fact, the only one that I could even snap a picture of was Iveta --- and we had to wake her up to do that! So, I'll post older pictures of the other two.

So, we're wishing "Happy Birthday" to our sweet, precious kittens. And we're a little bit sad, because we're missing Olivia and Manly. :( More later.

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