Monday, April 22, 2013

Felting, Sewing, Cemeteries, etc.

Life is going on quite normally here. Elizabeth and I have been spending quite a lot of time working on sewing and felting dolls for the Etsy shop. I've got two felted dolls that I'm making for a special order, so while I've been working on those, Elizabeth has been finishing little Minikin dolls --- all but the heads, which I will add later. The felted dolls are really coming along, and I am almost ready to start their heads, which means that they are really looking like characters!

We made three new Poirot Minikins for a special order. They came out SO cute! There was Poirot in a dark brown suit, then Poirot wearing his smoking jacket (we were almost tempted to keep him!) and, finally, Poirot as a young man in his Belgian Police uniform. Elizabeth even made the tall hat and sewed it to him like he is holding it. Wow! He was pretty precious. Here is a picture of them, as words cannot do them justice. Well, to get technical, the picture doesn't really do them justice, either. You just have to see these in real life to get the real feeling. ;)

We had a laid-back Saturday. Dad spent the day at a fishing event with other members of his Fly-Fishing Club, so it didn't exactly have the feel of a Saturday. Elizabeth and I just worked on some more felting and sewing. Yesterday afternoon, Mom and the two of us went out to Chester Baptist church to take some photos for Find a Grave. This is where Elizabeth first got started researching the Swetlands, inspired by the grave of a nineteen-day-old baby --- Truannie Swetland. So, Elizabeth had her picture taken by Truannie! It was a beautiful day. We only had to wear light jackets, and the sun was shining. Can't beat that with a stick.

We watched The Hobbit again the other night. Boy, do I like that. Bilbo is so fabulous. Not to mention Thorin. Elizabeth has made a Thorin Minikin. I get to make the fur piece on his jacket and make his head. He is going to be one of the cutest things ever. I've been trying to talk Elizabeth into letting me keep him, but she says not. :(

Well, better get going, but I'll have to post more later.

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