Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things Around the Yard and Current Project

Things are definitely blooming in the yard. I've been taking pictures and downloading them for the last two weeks, but I never seem to get around to posting them. Well, this should make up for it! Dad's been doing a really good job around the yard on the last several weekends. I've had to mow the grass about five time already and have been working on pulling thistles from the flower garden. All in all, the yard is starting to look nice and spiffy!

The first picture shows some of my transplanted Buttercups. Buttercups used to grow all around yards and banks when we were little, but the various sprays and chemicals seem to be successfully eradicating them. Before that happened, several years ago, Mom and I transplanted some of them into the flower garden. It had been a very small bunch, but it has certainly spread out. In fact, it's taken over a whole chunk of the pathway! The poppies are not doing well this year, but I did get a picture of a nice one. The hops plant had gone nuts. Dad cut a lot of the extra off the other day, so it doesn't look quite this wild anymore. It's actually growing up the clothesline beam --- it didn't even wait for the strings. The flowering trees are fabulous this year. This is the best Spring they've had in a lot of years. The locust trees have had blossoms on them for a full week now and still look beautiful.

The bottom two pictures are taken "of and at" the shed in the back. Believe it or not, you are seeing the front of the shed. We planted one of those Japanese Willow bushes on the right side, a Forsythia on the right front and one of those old Bridal Veil bushes on the left front. They have obviously done very well. We are beginning to realize that we need to put in some kind of arbor or something to open up a pathway to the door. The other picture shows our little bunny rabbit. We've had a rabbit living in our yard for years, and I love seeing him. He doesn't really love seeing me, though.

Now to take a look at the back of the shed! This is our current project, though I can't take any credit for any of it, yet. This is our "kitty cemetery". All of our special babes find their resting spot back here, so we wanted to fix it up. Dad has laid a bunch of bricks (a nice "free" find from Tradio some years ago) over the area where all the burials are. He's also making a border out of some left-over landscape timbers. I'm going to bring some hostas and lilies down to plant in the area. Oddly enough, one side is almost complete shade because of the Oak tree and the bushes. The other side is full, scorching sun. Hostas for one side and Lilies for the other! The pile of branches there is just from Dad's working out there.

Well, this gives everyone a pretty good idea of how things look at our house right now. More later.

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