Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seeing the Poirot Dolls in Their New Home

The two needle-felted dolls of Poirot have arrived safely at their new home. And they are not lonely! They were a special order that I've been working on for several months. In the meantime, their owner had also ordered nine Poirot Minikin dolls and his four friends from our Etsy store. She was kind enough to send a picture of her whole Poirot collection in its display cabinet --- and give me permission to post it here!

So, the Poirots are happily displayed. She even has an autographed picture of David Suchet as Poirot. Elizabeth and I have had so much fun working on all of these dolls. We've always been "fans" of certain performers in the true sense of the word: fanatic. I've got multiple Nelson Eddy scrapbooks. One is so big that you have to lay it on the floor to even begin to open it. Elizabeth has been so crazy about Deanna Durbin for years that she's got pictures, scrapbooks, binders, boxes and who-knows-what with Deanna's picture on/in them. We like to think that we're carrying on in the style of the true fans of the 1930s and '40s. Well, we didn't think that many people like that still existed. People these days like something or someone for a fleeting moment, but as soon as they turn the movie off or the show is finished --- poof! Everything is forgotten.

Well, we have voted this Poirot fan one of the all-time greatest fans. She certainly has to be David Suchet's #1 fan! It has been so fun to see someone enjoy something like this. She has also inspired us with all kinds of ideas as to different outfits to put on the little dolls and making the Poirot's little friends. It's been very fun to be able to share this with someone who is enjoying these dolls as much (and maybe even more!) than we have. A lot of effort and time and emotion goes into making these little dolls. We've had some Etsy orders for custom dolls where the buyer just "bought and paid" for the doll. No contact at all. Those experiences have left us rather flat, as there is a lot tied up into making each of these. So, working on this collection has really made up for other experiences. This whole collection is certainly something that we'll always remember!

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