Friday, July 5, 2013

A Weekend in Cincinnati

Finally! Enough time to throw up a quick blog entry. We spent last weekend down in Cincinnati visiting with Walt and Janice. We haven't been down to their house since last October, so it was great to get down again. It was our birthday last week, so we had been planning on going down on Friday, but as Dad had to work, we drove down on Saturday. Arrived early afternoon, which gave us some nice visiting time with Walt and Janice. They had a whole group of people over for a barbecue dinner that evening. Danny and his wife came over. We had never met them (other than meeting Danny at a convention in 2005), so it was great to talk to them. Danny must be the #1 Jimmy Stewart fan --- which was so fun to talk to someone who is nuts about old films. We've never met anyone who knew the film, No Highway in the Sky. Wow! Not only know it but watched it, remembered it and liked it. Cool! We covered a variety of subjects from WWII, machine guns and Army jeeps, B-17s and old TV shows.

The highlight of the evening, which Elizabeth and I have been looking forward to for months, was that Dave came! We haven't seen him in several years, actually, so it was so fun to catch up. We had a fun night talking about music, Jazz and Big Bands. He had actually seen Louis Armstrong and his band (same band that appears in High Society with Bing Crosby) when they played in Mankato. Wow! As usual, we didn't take much in the way of pictures. Mom seems to have snapped a few early on in the evening. Guess we'll have to do better next time. ;) Above shows Dad and Walt having some fun clowning around!

The visiting and talking lasted so long into the evening that it was way after midnight before we ended up in bed. That being the case, we all decided to stay home on Sunday morning and eat a slow breakfast and talk. We ate breakfast and second breakfast (Walt and the two of us were feeling like Hobbits that day!) and didn't leave until about noon or one. We made it all the way to King's Island before realizing that we forgot the pillows. Oops! So, back to Walt and Janice's we went. Didn't get home until about 6:30pm in the end. Oliver was sure glad to see us. Let's hope that we get together down there sooner! All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. More later.

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