Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning Our Bedroom (In the Summer?!)

Since we spent our Spring weather working on outside projects, we're doing our Spring cleaning now. We spent Monday cleaning more stuff out of the attic, but since it is just a glorified crawl-space you have to do all the hefting and heaving bending down. Very tiring. I decided that we should take a break --- not to mention that Dad needs to put a bit of flooring in up there, anyway!

So, Elizabeth and I spent two days cleaning out our bedroom and cleaning, washing and polishing the walls, the floor, the furniture, etc. Just to prove that it can happen --- here are pictures of our room in it's cleaned and picked up state. Max was enjoying the open window and wouldn't leave, so he is in the pictures, too! What a sweetie.

The photos above show:
1.) View from the door. We are hoping to paint the beam and the doors and trim and bookshelf in the Fall. A dark brown color to give an old Tudor-style look.
2.) Wall to the left (behind the door in first picture).
3.) Area to the right of the door, showing the end of Elizabeth's bed. That is one huge teddy bear that we actually shipped back from Florida. The oval pictures belonged to our grandfather. Forget about the double lampshade --- I forgot it was stuck up there. Oops!
4.) Behind our door is a built-in bookshelf that Pop made for us. Books always take priority in our room. We know it's bad when they start to take over the walk ways, right?!

5.) My bed (with Max on it!). The bed is part of the bedroom set belonging to Mom's grandparents when they set up house. Mom's got the dressers that go with it in her room. The mirror belonged to her other grandmother (and probably belonged to her grandmother!). Of course, Edward James Eliot's portrait is hanging up next to my bed, too.
6.) Elizabeth's "snooze den". She's got a book shelf and a big bulletin board. The shelf that goes along the top of the room used to hold stuffed animals and the like, but it was commandeered for our various childhood mystery series books years ago!

Well, there you have it. Our bedroom. More later.

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