Thursday, July 11, 2013

Capt. Hastings (played by Hugh Fraser) as a Needle-Felted Doll

Just in time to go to the State Fair, my newest needle-felted wool doll (or sculpture, which seems to be the more technical term!) is finished. This is actually the 21st one that I have finished! This doll is based on Agatha Christie's character Captain Arthur Hastings as portrayed by Hugh Fraser in the Poirot TV show. After having made three little Poirot dolls, I thought it was high time that Capt. Hastings got his chance. Hastings (as played by Hugh Fraser, that is) is my favorite Christie character. Besides, I've always wanted to make one of these wool dolls with a hand in their pocket --- so, this was the perfect chance.

This doll is based on Hastings' outfit in one of the first-season episodes, The Adventure of the Clapham Cook. Although, he is usually wearing this type of outfit in most shows. The back of the jacket even has the belt and pleats --- as do his pants! In contrast to Hercule Poirot, Captain Hastings never wears a "suit". Always the belted jacket with large pockets (usually of some kind of tweed). This is often worn with a knit vest, though he does appear in buttoned vests on occasion. Where Poirot wears the stiff "turned-up" collar and bow tie, Hastings always has the turned-down collar and necktie.

This doll took 59 hours to complete. He stands 10" tall and weighs 2-3/4 ounces. He was felted with .40 and .42 gauge felting needles and is made of Merino and Cotswold roving. His hair is 100% wool doll hair.

So, Captain Hastings will soon be on his way to the State Fair. After that, he will most likely end up in our Etsy store. I'm planning on taking another doll down to work on while we're at Gramma and Grampa's. Figure I could have another doll finished sometime in September --- we'll see! Elizabeth is anxious for me to make an Elrond doll for her (in his costume as seen in the first part of The Hobbit), but I think I'll wait until late Fall to start that one. That way I'll have the Winter to work on him! More later.

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