Monday, July 15, 2013

Entries are in at the State Fair!

We took my felting entries down to the State Fair on Saturday, so they are officially awaiting the start of the fair on the 24th of July. Hooray! This year, I took Captain Hastings and Poirot. I was really hoping to take Mark (the guitar player), but I don't have a permanent enough seat for him. Hastings looks lovely on his little wooden stand. He is what I would consider the nicest doll that I've made so far. Technically, he really has no issues --- and he looks like Hastings.

We spent a whole day last week making zucchini salsa. We managed to make enough to last the year --- and it's done before August! We filled this absolutely gigantic bowl and canned until nine in the evening. It was one long day, though. But worth it.

On the same day as the salsa canning, we had a little stray kitten turn up at the door. Someone must have dropped it off and figured that people would take it in. Boy, was it cute!! It was a black-short-haired little boy kitten. Elizabeth played with it for a couple hours and it was exactly like Oliver must have been as a baby. What real personality. We were able to take it down to one of the local vets who have another kitten of the same age and are happy to find new  owners for both.

Well, we're staying busy. Trying to get things ready and cleaned out. I think that I'll be looking forward to winter this year --- after another month or two of Summer, that is. Wait . . . did I say that?! Well, it's honest, anyway. ;) More later.

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