Thursday, July 18, 2013

Salieri Lilies and More

The Salieri day lily is my favorite flower in our garden. It sits on edge of the North-Western tip of our perennial garden, and it's always the first thing that I weed at the start of the year. It started out as one small lily with a couple of "leaves" or "fronds" or whatever is the proper name, but it has since grown into a lovely round lily that flowers beautifully. Here are three pictures of the Salieri. The third one is very red, because that particular flower was in the bright sunshine. The true color is as seen in the first couple photos, but it's beautiful in the sun as well!

While the Salieri lily may be my favorite, I love day-lilies period. I couldn't have enough of them, and that's the truth. We have quite a few spread throughout the Northern end of the garden which gets a lot of sun. They all started as little plants, but they've filled in to be touching one another and look like a beautiful green mound. Orange lilies are the very traditional kind, and we've got those --- but after the Salieri I LOVE pink. Actually, any pink flowers make me happy. So, a pink lily is perfection.

We are in the middle of a very hot spell at the moment. A tropical storm is sitting over this whole area of the US, and it's not moved at all. Temps are in the 90'Fs in the shade and absolutely no clouds to cover that hot sun. We've been pretty good at getting things done in the morning before the heat of the day. Today is really hot, so we're trying to stay cool.

Over the past few days we have been working through the DVDs of the mini-series called Cranford. It is a period drama set in 1840s England, near Manchester. It was produced by the same team as the 1995 Pride & Prejudice mini-series. I don't know how we missed it! It's fabulous. Watched the final episode last night --- cried through most of it, but it was wonderful. You haven't seen anything until you've seen Francesca Annis as Lady Ludlow. Wow! She's beautiful. Well, got to go for now, but I'll try to get some more pictures to post soon.

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