Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bass Pro Shop in Miami: A Cool Store!

Last month, while we were down visiting family in Florida, we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Miami, Florida. That was one cool store. Wow! In fact, it was so neat that we went to it two days in a row. We've been to a number of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's over the years. Mom and the two of us even went to the Bass Pro "headquarters" store in Springfield, Missouri. That was an amazing place. It was so big that it was like walking through a park. Even the RV sales are indoor out there! None of us are even into the hunting/camping lifestyle. Sure, Dad likes to fly-fish, but he has all the rods and reels he'll ever need --- so, aside from the stray fly-tying supply, we don't even buy at a Bass Pro. That said, they are some cool stores and always worth walking around in as a sight-seeing experience. And Miami's Bass Pro is the coolest ever!

The store is not the largest one that you'll come across, though it has a very tall entrance and an indoor boat sales room before you actually enter the store. The entrance "hall" of the store is decorated in weathered wood, leather seats and antique fishing gear --- reels, etc. The store itself has a tall ceiling in the center that has been completely decorated to give you the appearance of being under the sea in a sunken ship. There were portholes and doors and ship's ladders. Models of all kinds of fish, sharks and rays were "swimming" through the ship. There was even a skin diver in there fishing with a harpoon. It really looked like something straight out of Disney World. For the visitor who fancies seeing real-live fish, there was even a large tank camouflaged is a large rock outcropping in the center of the store (right under the sunken ship).

Over the individual departments in the store there were other decorations. Hunting and Shoes had a ceiling made to look like you were under water with an alligator and a canoe floating over you. Fishing poles and gear had a ceiling made to look like you were under the water with mangroves and a school of fish. Fly-Fishing was inside of an area made to look like the construction of a large boat. The dressing rooms and stations throughout the store were all decorated like fishing huts and beach buildings and docks, etc.

We took a lot of pictures which will give you an idea. It's not as bright as these in real life, as they have spotlights up there and my camera did not like that. If you are ever in Miami, this is a definite place to stop!Well, it has only taken me a month to get the vacation pictures posted, so now it can go back to more casual (and hopefully more regular) posting! More later.

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  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing this neat set of photos. Someone had a very unusual and creative artistic store design in mind, and actually made it happen! This is definitely one unique store. Jerry M.