Thursday, August 22, 2013

Prince George: The Royal Baby is a Month Old!

All of the news about the new little Prince of Great Britain, George Alexander Louis, has been a lot of fun to me. After so many years of collecting things from (and having to do with) the reign of George VI, it has been especially exciting now that he has a gg-grandson named after him. We left for Florida just two days after he was born, which meant that we had a lot of fun in Miami looking for newspaper clippings and magazines. The Spanish Paper was actually quite consistent in running news of the Royals. Even a whole-page color photo in the Sunday special the week that he was born!

And we've still been watching since we came home. As soon as the business of Summer is over, I am planning on a fun little scrapbook with pictures and clippings about Prince George. I've printed a lot already and have bunches of pictures downloaded to work on printing later. Ohio seems to be showing a decided lack of interest in little George. To the point that even the Columbus paper isn't running anything. We've got some out-of-state friends that are kind enough to be watching their papers and sending clippings to me, though!

Elizabeth and I were hoping to get postage stamps from Great Britain, but the Royal Mail has informed us that they have no plans to issue stamps for the Royal Baby. What a shame! Guess we'll be ordering from New Zealand, right?! We also found a seller on Etsy who makes miniature plates for dollhouses --- and she has all kinds of royalty plates, including plates for Prince George! That is really fun, as I already have plates for my dollhouse hutch that cover all the British monarchs from Queen Victoria to the Queen Mother's 100th birthday in 2000.

Well, it's time to go mow the lawn, but I figured that a post on the Royal Baby would be fun! After all, it's not every day that an heir to the throne is born!
More later.

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