Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lions & Tigers & . . . Jungle Babies! Oh My!

Jungle Babies here, Jungle Babies there, Jungle Babies everywhere! So, you're wondering what are "Jungle Babies"?! It is a line of fabric that came out this last year and is absolutely adorable. I've got all kinds of different fabric that I'm collecting for my "one day down the road" nursery. After all, it's always better to plan ahead!

Mom and Elizabeth took some of the Jungle Babies flannel, found more coordinating flannels and made a gorgeous quilt for my crib! The top and bottom have satin binding and Elizabeth sewed a blanket stitch along the sides. The back (and the light green squares on the front) are a fabric called "soft and cuddly" or something. That is an understatement. It's so soft and so cuddly, that your brain can barely take it in as you feel it!

Click on the picture to see a larger view. Once you click on it you can really see the patterns on the materials. The dinosaurs are special since the "theme" in my nursery will be Jungle Babies plus Dinosaurs! More on that later . . .

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