Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye, Little Joe.

This past weekend was pretty sad around here. We had to put one of our little kitties, Little Joe, to sleep. He had been failing for a while, but was still a very happy little bloke. Then, two weeks ago, on the advice of a vet, we had all of his teeth pulled. This would, supposedly, make him into his old self. Well, the surgery turned out to be a bad job, and poor Little Joe was left about sixteen dry sockets, and half of his jawbone exposed. There was nothing to be done for him, so Dad took him in to a vet on Saturday to go to sleep. He's joined the other kitties in the cemetery behind the shed. He and Aline were special pals, so now they're together. We are sad, but it was the best thing for Little Joe. Poor little fellow.

We would have had Little Joe for five years come December 22. He and Beatrice came to our house after we adopted them from the local shelter on the same day as one of our other little kitties, Deanna, went to sleep.

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